People’s Design Lab 2018- And the “winners” are…

The People’s Design Lab contest has come to an end! We would like to thank everyone who voted this year. Your continuous support for this project clearly demonstrates the need for a stronger policy push that will ensure the cease of wasteful and toxic products. But now let’s take a look at the results!

We are (not) proud to announce that this year’s winners are: 

  • plastic bags for the designed for the trash category, 

  • plastic bottles for the single use plastics category, 

  • plastic food packaging for the overpackaging category, and 

  • food contact material for the toxics category. 

According to the Collins Dictionary “single-use” was the word of the year 2018. As depicted by the results of the PDL contest, plastics are the “hot” topic of the year. Considering the urgency and the scale of the problem, plastic pollution has proven to be an urgent issue that citizens, governments, companies, and many organisations around the globe are concerned about and are willing to take the extra steps to fix.

While the EU is currently taken important steps to reduce the impact of plastic pollution within the European strategy for plastics in a circular economy, there is need to keep pushing forward to drastically rethink and reduce the production, consumption, and end-of-life of plastics. 

hanks to your contribution the People’s Design Lab is ready to push for a more sustainable future! As stated at the beginning of the contest, Zero Waste Europe will exert pressure on European institutions in order to put a limit to the most wasteful practices. We are happy to announce the next scheduled steps that will follow after your response.

In terms of plastic bottles, Zero Waste Europe will strongly advocate for the use of deposit and return systems to achieve collection rates above 90 %. 

Regarding plastic bags and food contact material, Zero Waste Europe welcomes the rise of packaging-free shops in Europe. This is something we will further promote as a lifestyle but also as a concept by further investigating the impact of these shops through a big upcoming study in 2019. 

ZWE will also engage in bringing to light all the potential health hazards related to food contact packaging.

We are very excited and optimistic for 2019. There are many actions ahead and we count on you to continue to push for better designed products that cover the needs of the consumers while not endangering human or animal life.