The winners of the 2017 contest

In 2017, people voted for the #designed4trash products of their choice. As well as voting, people were asked to provide information on sustainable alternatives.

Winner of the badly designed product 2017

 Single-use plastic bags were voted the most wasteful product in 2017. Their contribution to plastic pollution and the fact that there are reusable alternatives convinced voters that this was the best example of bad design.

Second place

Styrofoam food and drinks containers won the silver medal in 2017’s badly designed product contest. Their short life and the number of reusable alternatives already available in the market made them a deserving runner-up.   

Third place

Single-use coffee capsules were voted the third worst product design of the year. Many of the voters highlighted how easy it is to make good coffee without creating such waste, as well as pointing out that even if a coffee machine is used, coffee pads can be composted. Alternatives to single-use coffee capsules were seen as a double winner, providing no waste and great taste.