The People's Design Lab

The People's Design Lab was first implemented in the UK in 2013, inspired by the Little Museum of Bad Industrial Design in Italy and zero waste achievements around the world. 

In 2016, Zero Waste Europe has launched a new edition of the Lab, where European citizens can come together and help change design. A laboratory for ordinary folk, experimenting with design. It’s a place for people who care about reuse and recycling, a place to address industries who create “stuff” in the first place and say “look, we’re doing our bit, what about you?” 

We need solutions for the products that are left in the waste bin (the ones that cannot be recycled, composted, reused or repaired).  That’s why we are bringing together a new kind of design team; professional designers, manufacturers, students, 'fixperts', alongside ourselves who are simply frustrated by the valuable resources that end up in our bins. Together, we are the People’s Design Lab.

What is our goal?

The People’s Design Lab’s goal is a society where products that cannot be reused, repaired, recycled or composted are simply not produced. To stop the industrial production of wasteful design we need to raise awareness and pressure higher levels of governance to take concrete action about badly designed products.

Redesign Europe Challenge

The Redesign Europe Challenge is an online and offline campaign to express our disagreement with wasteful products, share existing solutions to pressure governments and industries to take actions.   

How can you take action?

It’s quick and easy. Just spot the most wasteful products and propose a solution. The most "hated" wasteful products will win the #Designed4Trash award and are going to be the focus of the next phase: let's push the industry and the European Union to change these unsustainable products. Plus, by suggesting your own solutions you provide valuable information to like-minded people who want to stop using certain unsustainable products.

You can also take part in workshops that will be organised in several European cities to design new solutions. Stay tuned!

The Challenge timeline

1st phase 16 May, 2017 - 26 June, 2017  (NOW!)

Spot wasteful design and propose a solution! The most hated products will win the Designed4Trash award.

2nd phase from 26 June, 2017 - onwards (COMING SOON!)

We will push governments and the industry to stop the #Designed4Trash awarded products to enter the market. We will bring to them solutions you suggested to show them alternatives are possible and that many of us are already engaging with them.

3rd phase from September 2017 (STAY TUNED)

Zero Waste Design workshops will take place in several European cities.

Zero Waste Europe

Zero Waste Europe was created to empower communities to rethink their relationship with resources.

In a growing number of regions, local groups of individuals, businesses and city officials are taking significant steps towards eliminating waste in our society. Zero Waste Europe engages these groups at two levels:

We are both a knowledge network and an advocacy group, representing active communities in countries across Europe.

We want to re-design our society so that all superfluous waste is eliminated and everything that is produced can be re-used, repaired, composted or recycled back into the system. Anything that can’t be repaired, composted or recycled should be re-designed and replaced or banned from entering the market.